Tuesday, August 30, 2011


OBSESSED: Erotic Romance for Women – a sparkling collection edited by the effervescent Ms. Kramer Bussel, with something for everyone.

For example, in “Love and Demotion”, a publishing assistant moonlights as a Burlesque dancer and who shows up to see her strip but the boss she has the hots for.  In “Hooked”, a wife obsesses over the strange hook in the ceiling of her new home until her husband finds delicious ways to use it.  Ex-lovers are reunited in “It’s Gotta Be Fate;” and they swap dominant roles to their great delight.  And in “I Want To Hold Your Hand,” a wife worries when her husband sheds 100 pounds and maybe his love for her, but he shows her that his love and lust have not diminished in any way.

All the stories in the collection are exciting, hot and sensual, but also romantic and loving.  Truly erotic romances for women to savor and share.  

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Sunday, August 14, 2011


The Kama Sutra is considered the ultimate in sexual manuals.  It wasn’t. 

This Indian Hindu text was a guide to “virtuous and gracious living” -- to help Indian men achieve pleasure in all aspects of their life – their social status, their career, their family life, and alright, their sex life.  The original Kama Sutra included tips on being a good citizen, getting ahead at work, selecting a wife, conducting an adulterous affair, aphrodisiacal recipes, etc.

The Kama Sutra was written by Vatsyayana between the first and six century.  It contained 1250 verses, 36 chapters, seven parts, and 64 sexual positions that live in infamy.

Whatever the position -- the mare, the crab, the lotus, the splitting of a bamboo, the mounting of a horse, etc. -- the pictures are the best part.  I’m a visual person.  If I see it, I can try it.  And isn’t that the best part of learning, the practicing until you get it right?  Yum!

What’s your favorite position?  What’s your lover’s?