Sunday, July 24, 2011


My brother had one.  One day, my mother went down to his room to pick up his dirty clothes and found a woman sleeping in his bed.  She tried to wake her up until she realized what it was.  Boy did she have a good laugh.  She teased my brother for days about his taste in women.  I’ll have to remind him of that next time I see him – him and his sex doll.

Sex dolls have actually been around for centuries.  The first sex doll appeared in the tale of Pygmalion, who takes his creation into his bed and treats it like a real woman.  The goddess Aphrodite takes pity on Pygmalion and brings Galatea to life.  (Just think, these are the roots of “My Fair Lady.”)

Then there were the “traveling ladies” who were made of old clothes and travelled with sailors on long voyages so they wouldn’t get lonely. 

It was the Japanese and the Germans who made the first plastic sex dolls during the 1940s.  The first “real” inflatable doll – with the perfect O for a mouth – appeared in the 1960s, but it wasn’t until 1995 that artist Matt McMullen came up with the first “Real Doll.”  What began as a work of art became a sexual industry.  The Real Doll retailed for $6,500 and came in nine different figure types, fourteen faces, five skin colors, and three types of pubic hair.  She also had plenty of orifices for penetration.

The Real Doll is still available today and has as many fans, as it has imitators.  And, there is even a male “real doll.”  For more information on the Real Doll, check out their website at

COMMENT:   Let us know what you think of sex dolls and whether you’ve ever played with one or two.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

THE CONDOM: The Ultimate Sexual Accessory

Condom from the Latin condere, meaning to hide or to protect.

Egyptians made them out of linen;
Romans out of animal intestines;
the Chinese out of oiled tissue paper;
the Japanese out of horn or leather  (hard enough to be used as dildos!);
Italians developed a prophylactic in the 16th century;
Americans founded rubber condoms in the 19th century (that were washable and reusable!); and
in the 20th century, liquid latex was used to create the modern Trojan condom.

Today, in this 21st Century, condoms come in all shapes, textures, colors and flavors...and for both sexes!

You can pick one up at school, at bus stops, night clubs, pharmacies, hotel gift shops, airports...everywhere.

Hell, there is even an APP to find the store nearest you that sells condoms.  Will wonders never end?

COMMENT:   What's your favorite type of condom? flavor?  Do tell.